About Us

Our business was established in 1999.

Our original name was A-Active Moving.

In 2001 we adopted the name Millennium Movers as our primary name. Since 2001 A-Active moving is our secondary name. We have learned a lot in the years we have been in business. We believe what makes us different than most moving companies is that we are willing to lose a customer to our competition rather than mislead or just tell a customer what we think they want to hear in order to get their business. We believe a company especially in our business should be honest to the public regardless what’s at stake. We know the moving industry across the US is riddled with bad business practices and corruption. If you are a client that wants the truth about their move, then call us.

We will estimate the time, materials, amount of men, amount of equipment, and the cost as accurately as possible even if it is what you didn’t what to hear. We will not under estimate the move just to get your business. We would rather go out of business than go down that road of dishonest business practices. We also have a great and friendly customer service. One of the most important things is the value of service and material that our clients pay for. Our cost for moving services, packing services and materials is less than the average cost of a moving company in Colorado. We believe when factoring in the discounts that we give out combined with our affordable moving rates; we are one of the best values of the moving companies in Colorado.

If you compare our estimate side by side,

apples to apples with our competitors,

you’ll find that our estimate in most cases is a better deal and more savings in the long run. There are a lot of gimmicks out there in all industries. Example: A company will give you a small gift if you hire them or purchase their product. When moving are you concerned with getting a small gift, or do you want to hire a moving company to move you? We believe the public is tired of gimmicks. We don’t want to waste your time or our time. Instead of giving out gimmicks to the public in order to get their business, we focus on what’s really important. Providing you with a great move and making it affordable for you. So if you want to hire a moving company that will be honest, a great value, kind, and professional; then call Millennium Movers. Go to our testimony page to hear what some of our past clients have said about us.


We value our movers

Our movers are like family to us. Not only do they do their job professionally, but they also treat every client with the upmost respect and kindness. They will go beyond the normal necessary procedures to make sure the client is well taken care of. You’ll find our office staff is very friendly, kind and helpful as well. We are not going to say our movers or our office staff will never make mistakes, but what we will say is that our movers and office staff will own up to them when and if mistakes are made. Our policy is for our movers to never cut corners when on a move; because when corners are cut mistakes start to happen.

Millennium Movers trucks are pre-stocked

with equipment and tools needed especially to meet our qualifications for your moving needs. This equipment is used to move your furniture safely and efficiently. Our policy on protecting your property is to properly prep your home and your household goods before moving the items. If needed our movers are instructed to lay pads and masinite down on hardwood floors, tile floors, or any floor that could be damage due to moving articles over them. Our policy is to protect your wood banisters and rails by pad wrapping them before we start to move items around them. When it comes to your furniture, our policy is to pad wrap and or shrink wrap each item if necessary for the protection of the article and the home. We do not remove the pads off the furniture until the item is placed in your new home or office, This will either reduce or eliminate most damages.


We hold Quality,

Values, and good Customer Service to high standards for our company since day one.
Moving your belongings to a new home can be stressful; with Millennium, you can be assured that our skilled crew members will handle your items with good care. Soon you will be on your way to relaxing in your new home.

We are licensed, and insured. License PUC #00035 / License DOT #1169384

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